About Us

Shoes For Little Feet is a high quality children's shoe store offering products from world recognized manufacturers who pride themselves in the design and development of superior products. Here you can find a wide selection of trendy and comfortable shoes for babies and young children.

Our Story

As a mother of two little children, I know how difficult it is to find good quality shoes that are healthy for those precious little feet and at the same time stylish. With my first child, I did not know how important it was to find not just a cute looking shoe but the one that was age appropriately designed for his growing feet. For the first few years of his life I did not pay any attention as to how his feet were developing. However, as he was getting older I suspected that something wasn't right. He would run and fall a lot when other kids his age did not. I decided to take him to the podiatrist. The doctor told me that my boy had flat feet. He explained to me that even though some people can live with flat feet with no complaints, some do develop the condition that is serious enough to cause constant pain and bodily stress.
When our second child was born I decided to not repeat the same mistake and buy her only high quality shoes that were designed with children's needs in mind. I was unable to find a great selection of shoes that were designed for the proper growth and development of children's feet. Stores either did not have anything in her size or did not offer shoes that would be appropriate for developing feet of a learning walker. The issue was not just with finding baby shoes, I also continued to face the same problem looking for the right shoes with good arch support for my son.
Talking to other moms who also were not happy with their shopping experiences, I realized that I am not alone. Having been raised in Europe I knew a lot about European brands specializing in children shoes that have been around for decades. I started my research and that's how our company was born. I discovered that Europe was not the only place to manufacture high quality shoes. Other countries such as Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc. also offer exceptional quality products. In our store you will find shoes from such leading brands as Umi, Primigi, See Kai Run, Pediped, Rileyroos, Skeanie, Bobux, Jack and Lily, Beeko, Garvalin, Pablosky, Vincent, and many others. Please visit our Brands section for more information on each brand. We only offer high quality products that are good for the development of your children's feet.

Our Mission

Our goal is to offer our little customers only the most stylish and little feet friendly shoes that are age appropriate for proper foot development and that have been manufactured to high standards in the children footwear industry. If we don't think the shoes are right for our kids we will not offer them. We let our little customers decide by letting them try most of the shoes we sell.

We are here to offer you the best shopping experience in the comfort of your own home saving you the hassle of running to the crowded store that either doesn't carry the shoes you want or does not have them in the size you need. We strive to have all of the shoes we carry in stock. If you don't see the shoes you want in the size you need please let us know as we might be able to special order them for you. In many cases we can offer expedited shipping on backordered items.

We will continue adding new styles and new brands to our collection. You can sign up to receive our newsletter so we can keep you informed when new styles are added and occasionally send you promotional coupons.

We welcome you to our store and hope you will enjoy your shopping experience with us.